PROLINNOVA is an international multi-stakeholder program established to build a global learning and advocacy network for promoting local innovation in ecologically-oriented agriculture and natural resources management (NRM). The programme focuses on recognizing the dynamics of indigenous knowledge (IK) and learning how to strengthen the capacities of smallholder farmers to adjust to changing conditions in order to develop and adapt their own site-appropriate systems and institutions of resource management to attain food security, sustain their livelihoods and safeguard the environment. The programme builds on and seeks to scale up farmer-based research and development approaches that start with discovering how farmers (innovators) carry out informal experiments to develop and test new ideas for improved use of natural resources, to increase production, to conserve the environment and to solve any other social problem they are facing.  The key issues that are addressed by the program include the following:

  • Change of mindset of development actors to value the role and contributions from indigenous knowledge to ensure client control over priorities setting and resources management,
  • Establishment and strengthening of multi-stakeholder partnerships to increase participation, ownership, accountability and sustainability of the programme Ensure quality services delivery and management of resources based on proper participatory planning, implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) procedures and development of up-scaling/out-scaling strategies for potential local innovations/ technologies.
  • Increase capacities of farmers, researchers, extension staff and policymakers in participatory approaches so that they are capable to continue facilitating the process.
  • Mainstreaming and institutionalization of participatory approaches to farmer-led innovation and experimentation into institutions of agricultural research, extension and education Piloting decentralized funding mechanisms to promote local innovation and to enable farmers to have a decisive role and control over resources in research and development Facilitate set up of different platforms for reflection, analysis and learning about promoting local innovation

PELUM Tanzania is the national Coordinator for PROLINNOVA Tanzania Country Platform (CP).

Our Vision

Prosperous smallholder farmers deriving livelihoods from ecological agriculture

Our Mission

To strengthen capacity of Member Organizations in ecological agriculture for improved smallholder farmers’ livelihood

Our Core Values

  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Integrity