PELUM Tanzania Values

i. Equally owned by all members

• All major decisions are made by the Annual General Meeting

• All Member Organizations possess equal chance to influence major decision of the Network

• Member Organizations shall be involved in all planning and decision making process

• All Member Organizations have equal access to PELUM Tanzania services


ii. Commitment to local community empowerment

• All PELUM Tanzania  activities aim at bringing a positive impact to local community

• Local community shall participate to monitor and evaluate the impact of PELUM Tanzania


iii. Spirit of Voluntarism

• PELUM Tanzania does not aim at profit making

• PELUM Tanzania facilitates Members’ activities to reach the most vulnerable people in the community


iv. Effectiveness

• PELUM Tanzania is output-oriented, striving to deliver high quality services to its Members and other stakeholders

• PELUM Tanzania  shall set and maintain, high standards for its services

• PELUM Tanzania  makes things happen and is proactive to anticipate and address future matters and issues

• PELUM Tanzania aims at choosing activities that add value to its Members and stakeholders – doing the “right” things in the right way and at the right time.


v. Efficiency

• PELUM Tanzania consciously aims at using all of its resources in the most efficient way possible to serve its internal and external stakeholders

• PELUM Tanzania shall strive to deliver its services at minimal cost and in time

• As it is always conscious of time, PELUM Tanzania uses its own and other people’s time intelligently

• PELUM Tanzania shall constantly improve the way it works – doing things “right”


vi. Team work and Participatory

• PELUM Tanzania manages itself through a participatory style, involving its internal and external stakeholders in decision-making processes

• PELUM Tanzania encourages team work spirit  in all its endeavours

• PELUM Tanzania Country Working Group strives for stakeholders’ interests

• PELUM Tanzania endeavours to make its decisions in a transparent manner


vii. Action learning and flexibility

• PELUM Tanzania uses action learning approach in developing  its new ideas and plans

• PELUM Tanzania  is  flexible in order to increase its effectiveness and efficiency towards achieving its mission


viii. Governance and Accountability

• PELUM Tanzania promotes democracy, popular participation, rule of law, peace and tranquillity

• PELUM Tanzania adheres to clear line of answerability to promote efficiency and effectiveness of its operations

• All financial matters are handled in a transparent and accountable manner for the benefit of Member organizations

• PELUM Tanzania advocates for gender equity and human rights in promoting social welfare of its stakeholders

• PELUM Tanzania recognizes the potentiality of indigenous knowledge in preserving the natural environment


PELUM Tanzania working approaches

i. Networking

ii. Capacity building of Member Organizations

iii. Documentation and Communication

iv. Advocacy with and for Members and stakeholders

v. Collaboration and partnership

PELUM Tanzania Strategic Direction

In order to achieve its mission and attain its vision, in the next six years (2010-2015), PELUM Tanzania will focus on the following strategic direction:


i. Sustainable Ecological Land Use Management

Objective: Ecological land use management principles and practices among PELUM Tanzania members and stakeholders promoted for sustainable agriculture


ii. Networking and Collaboration

Objective: Networking, collaborations and linkages among and between PELUM Tanzania Member and Partner Organizations strengthened for effective information and experience sharing on sustainable agriculture related issues


iii. Research and Information Management

Objective: Evidence based information in promoting sustainable agriculture and ecological land use management practices availed


iv. Governance and participation

Objective: Agricultural related resources benefit smallholder farmers and livestock keepers in promoting sustainable agriculture


v. Climate change and global warming

Objective: Effects of climate change and global warming in sustainable agriculture reduced


vi. Gender and HIV and AIDS

Objective: Gender, and HIV and AIDS in PELUM Tanzania Member and Partner Organizations’ interventions mainstreamed in order to reduce their negative effects in promoting sustainable agriculture


vii. Organizational and Institutional Development

Objective: Capacity of PELUM Tanzania governance, Country Working Group and Country Secretariat strengthened to effectively and efficiently execute its core business




PELUM Tanzania envisions: Organized, vibrant and prosperous smallholder farming communities deriving their livelihoods from sustainable ecological land use..



To facilitate the process of sustainable development with large emphasis on ecological land use management through building the capacity of Member Organizations working with smallholder farming community  by networking, documentation, advocacy, and mainstreaming of gender, HIV/AIDS and climatic change.


PELUM Tanzania


Participatory Ecological Land Use Management


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